Friday, January 7, 2011

Dry Eyes

Do you have good vision?

Yes, I do! But somehow, my vision started to get blurry recently... In addition, I couldn't keep my eyes open, so I thought I've got an eye strain. However, it again happened while working! This time was severe that I thought of going home. Before I leave early, I searched the Net for my last hope. Then I found out that it was because my eyes were DRY!

Dry eyes are one of the most common modern diseases. Not only for people who wear contacts, but for people who work at the office with AC and surrounded by IT devices!!! If you have bleary eyes, you might have dry eyes!

After I found out the fact, I ran to the drug store and got Rohto Dryaid EX (eye drops for dry eyes)! It's a super high viscosity eye drops that contain sesame oil and hyaluronic acid that keep your corneas of the eyes moist and avoid them from drying out! It was a pricey product but now my eyes are better! Yay!!!

Today is the coldest day so far this winter in Tokyo. Brrr... Anyway, we have three-day weekends since Monday is the holiday (Coming-of-Age Day).

Have a good weekend!!!

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  1. Oh I would like to try these eye drops. Usually I use the Z! eye drops because they make me wake up, but sometimes they are a bit too strong.

  2. Hi fran,

    I know! Cool ones wake me up, too! But this time, I simply needed something to moist my eyes, so I bought this Dryaid EX. If you wear contacts, there is Dryaid EX for contacts, too! I never knew there are such eye drops that suit my need! Amazing!

  3. Ochi,

    I always experienced dry eyes as I wear color contact lenses.Color lenses are more easier to get dry than normal lenses.But I did not buy any eye drops..I think I really need one too.

    I have a bad start today.Hopefully you're doing fine there..

    Happy Friday and Happy Holiday on Monday.I'm going back to KL for this weekend to visit my friend's newborn baby..

  4. Hi jose,

    If you know that your eyes are dry, then get some eye drops!!! I didn't know so I left my eyes dry and experienced really hard time. Also, you might lose your eyesight!

    Wow! Going back again?! You can see your family, so good for you ;) Post some pics later! I know you will. hehe ;p

  5. omg I LOVE your pink fuzzy earrings! Adorable! I often get dry eyes because I wear contacts and sometimes Im bad and I nap with them which means SUPER dry eyes when I wake up lol

    Oh your hun is so sweet to order you sweets on special occasion! haha Our hunni's are "manly" men LOL I will actually be going to Disney World for 9 days so hopefully I will be able to cover everything, I made lots of restaurant reservations too hahah when did you go to Disney World? Im so excited!!!

  6. Hi suki pooki!

    Waking up with dried eyes sounds painful X( Be careful!!!

    9 Days are nice!!! It was about 10 years ago... I remember my mom and I took a pic at Epcot for the memorial plaques. I hope it is still there.

    Wow! Reservations sounds great! You can go around without worries. hehe. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

  7. awww i want a long long weekend too! hehe! i got laser eye surgery 4.5 years ago and one of the side effects is dry eyes... i have to put eye drops at least 3 times a day... especially when i first wake up - it's painful to fully open my eyes!

  8. Hi Kym,

    Oh, really?! Then you understand how I feel. But your's sounds much drier X( Please take care!!! Anyway, today I have drier eyes... and my inverted eyelash (I don't know why...) went into my eye. Ouch X(


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