Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update on our New Home!

I haven't been writing about our new home for a long while, but it is going fine. We signed the mortgage settlement in the end of the year and going to receive the ownership next week. Then on 1/17, our renovation starts!

Our floor plan is now fixed. We will remove the Japanese room (the room with tatami) and expand the living room and the bathroom. It took us about half a year to decide on this since we didn't want to make it complicated but easy place to be.

As I wrote before, my kitchen is going to have a storage for home electric appliances.

Of course we decided on all the floor materials and the fittings to be used. But one thing I haven't decided yet is whether or not to have an accent wall. It is to use color or texture to treat one wall differently from the others in a room to spice up the mood. It's a popular style nowadays applied to living rooms and bedrooms. I can decide on this at the very end, so will see...

Till next time ;)

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  1. Ochi,

    Wow..times flies.It's just like yesterday since you purchase your home,and now you're going to renovate.Great!!

    I love the accent wall.Stylish and not complicated..I can't wait to view your new place..

    Still cold in Japan?

  2. Hi jose,

    Yes! Time flies!!! At first, I remember I couldn't even find a place to purchase, but now I am at this step. Amazing! I should not spare any effort in doing something new, I guess.

    The image I posted is too stylish! I hope it comes out like this but reality is different... Anyway, I am trying to throw out many stuff to make our place comfortable and relaxing! haha

    Yes. Very cold and DRY in Japan. brrrrr

  3. wow that's a nice layout and kitchen! Oh and I say definitely go for the accent wall! I want to have one when I have a home of my own in the future =)

    Sigh I dream of the day when I can buy things and decorate my own house, but it also sounds expensive hahaha

  4. Hi suki pooki,

    Yes! Decorating house is pretty pricey and extra spendings! haha So that's why I decided to go over later X(


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