Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I wrote many New Year's cards this year! In Japan, we have a custom to send New Year's cards to arrive on January 1st. Of course, I used our wedding photo :D

I prepared our New Year's food the day before. I added a rabbit fish cake since it's the year of the Rabbit!

In the afternoon, my darling and I visited the shrine to pray for happiness and a healthy year. 2011 is my grand climacteric year, so I attended a ceremony to drive away evil spirits.

How did you spend your New Year's day?

Wish everyone good luck for 2011!

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  1. I love your wedding picture! You looks so beautiful in it!!!! The cake is hugeee!!! Did you eat all of it or were there some fake layers in there? hope you have a great 2011! I usuall visit the temple for Chinese new year instead of this new year lol The bunny fish cake is so cute! It must've been extra yummy haha

    p.s I like your ear muffs! so fluffy!

  2. seems like you had fun! a bit late, but i hope you have a very happy new year! may 2011 be prosperous for you and your family :D i'll be looking forward to your new posts :)

  3. Hi suki pooki!

    Happy New Year, again! The cake is all fake, so we prepared the cake separately ;P It was my dream to cut a huge cake :)

    Your parents are Chinese?!

  4. Thanks grub,

    Again, Happy New Year!!! I really loved your firework photos ;)

    It was busy from the New Year, and now my holiday is almost over... I hope I have more time this year!!! haha.

  5. Ochi,

    I like your New Year's card!!! Nice and beautiful..

    The foods also look delicious.May I know every time New Year Japanese must prepare the foods?What is the meaning?

    I love your blue jacket too.I remembered you did post about it previously,blue look nice on you.


  6. Hi jose,

    Thanks!!! I sent my cards to my old friends, too ;)

    Yes. We prepare this New Year's food in the end of the year (every year), so that we don't have to cook in the new year!

    I like pink but for clothes, I usually go for blue ones :)


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