Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pua Lililehua @ You Tube

In the end of the year, I again took a video of my hula. The video was taken near home at 仙川 (senkawa). The high was 9C (48F), so it was freezing cold outside X(

Pua Lililehua means "flower of salvia". It's a stately Hawaiian love song.

As usual, I posted it on my YouTube account.

I will only show this video to my blog buddies who keep in touch with me on a regular basis or Tipness club members who took this "hula hula" class. Please send me a request from my YouTube account. I will add you as my friend to share the video.

※Tipness(ティップネス)のHULA HULAで習ったPua Lililehua(プア・リリレフア)の振り付けをビデオに記録♪シンガーでクムフラ(古典フラの継承者)Sandii(サンディー)さんのアロハセラピーな楽曲です。見たい方はリクエストメッセージを下さい☆

Mahalo :)

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