Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Souvenirs from 広州

During the holiday, my mom and sisters went to see my dad in 広州 (Guangzhou), China. My darling and I had to work and also had to sign mortgage settlement, so we couldn't join, so my mom brought us back some interesting souvenirs :)

High class 鉄観音茶 (Tieh Kwan Yin Tea) from the local store called 华祥苑 (EMPEREUR).

The red box is also the popular 鉄観音茶 (Tieh Kwan Yin Tea). The square can is 茉莉花茶 (Jasmine Tea).

Those teas not only have the comforting fragrance and taste, but also have outstanding health care functions! They lower blood pressure and cholesterol level, regulate aging, reduce stress, prevent certain cancers and strengthen the immune system among other positive impacts.

Also, my mom gave me some dried foods including 大棗 (Chinese dates)!!! It is also good for our health: anemia prophylaxis, tranquilizing property, and anti-stress!

I think I saw 大棗 on jose's post before! I will try to cook it with rice as a starter :D

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