Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BEARD PAPA'S Fondant au Chocolat

My darling bought me BEARD PAPA'S Fondant au Chocolat for Valentine's Day! It uses the best chocolate for fondant au chocolat to bring out the rich finish! If you eat it as is, you can enjoy the richness of the chocolate. mmmmmmmm :)

Of course, you can warm it up but I prefer to eat it cold or at normal temperature because I don't want to eat fast chasing the running chocolate. haha.

BTW, BEARD PAPA'S is famous for their cream puffs.

We were both busy yesterday, so I thank him for his kindness and consideration :)

Actually, it snowed a lot last night. Walking along the icy sherbert road takes longer than usual to reach the train station X(

But spring is almost here!!!

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  1. wahhhh bear papa's fondant chocolate is one of my favorites too and I also love their cream puffs heeheehee. Beard papa's became really popular her ea few years ago and now they have lto of locations! That's so sweet you two celebrated by eating chocolate cake together! My bf and I didn't get to celebrate it because he has work this year but he said he will make it up to me hee hee hee!

  2. Ochi,

    Wow,the chocolate looked delicious.Plus their heart design really suited Valentine's Day.

    Ken and I did not eat out this year as my fridge still have ton of foods left by my mum for us.So I just cooked our dinner.

    Perhaps we will have some replament meals on weekend though.

  3. Hi suki!

    Wow! You know beard papa's?! Great!

    I hope you celebrate V-Day this weekend! Your bf is sooooo nice :)

  4. Hi jose,

    Yes. I think this heart deco is limited for V-Day ;)

    Haha! We ate dinner from the fridge last night, too! Hard to do something special on the weekdays. LoL.

  5. Hi Ochi,

    Nice present. Happy Valentine's day.

  6. Hi anGeLine,

    I just visited you! hehe

    Happy V-Day to you, too :D

  7. oo this looks good but i do not like fondant au chocolate so much because it is so rich tasting.

    i must try beard papa's one day, but none of the branches in Melbourne is accessible for me :(

  8. Hi grub,

    You would love Japanese sweets. Even a huge chunk of chocolate cake, we don't have that sweet one. Amazingly addictive, so I usually stay away from them... haha

    I wonder how it tastes in other countries. They might have different tastes!

  9. Hello めい!

    Thanks!!! I saw your blog. Cool!!!


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