Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BEARD PAPA'S Fondant au Chocolat

My darling bought me BEARD PAPA'S Fondant au Chocolat for Valentine's Day! It uses the best chocolate for fondant au chocolat to bring out the rich finish! If you eat it as is, you can enjoy the richness of the chocolate. mmmmmmmm :)

Of course, you can warm it up but I prefer to eat it cold or at normal temperature because I don't want to eat fast chasing the running chocolate. haha.

BTW, BEARD PAPA'S is famous for their cream puffs.

We were both busy yesterday, so I thank him for his kindness and consideration :)

Actually, it snowed a lot last night. Walking along the icy sherbert road takes longer than usual to reach the train station X(

But spring is almost here!!!

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