Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Million Visitors!!!!!!!

On 2/11, my Cookpad recipe page reached 10 million visitors!!! Cookpad is the biggest recipe site in Japan. I only update my page once a week but endurance makes you stronger.

Thank you!!! I will keep up at my own pace :D

Please click below and vote for me.


  1. Ochi,

    10 millions!!! many Japanese view your cooking page.You're famous in this webpage.

    Congratulations!Keep it up,ya.I love your fighting spirit.

  2. Thanks jose!

    Yes, me, too! I love your fighting spirit ;) I'm glad to have such a passionate friend online!!!

  3. all your hard work and passion is paying off. GREAT JOB ochi!!! Congratulations! Things can only go UP from here :)

  4. Hi Kym,

    You changed your profile image! Cool!!!

    I will try to keep up, at least... haha.


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