Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mac or Win

I am a Windows user. The latest Mac I own is ibook G3. LoL.

Nevertheless, I have used my FUJITSU desktop PC for more than 6 years, so now I am thinking of getting a new one. Maybe a laptop because I believe they are now fast enough to do the video editting.

MacBook Pro or Sony VAIO E

No wonder, I love pink, so I was thinking of customizing Sony VAIO E series, but unfortunately, I cannot select the hibiscus pink VAIO due to the system requirements for video editing... so I am more for MacBook Pro now.

However, my worry is the compatibility. Is Mac now compatible with Windows?! What I remember from ibook is if I create something using ibook, many stuff got garbled on Windows X( I know I am talking about old days. LoL.

Are you a Mac or Windows user?

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