Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Shopping

On Saturday, my darling and I finally decided on getting home electric appliances!!! Before we leave home, we called the electronics retail stores to compare prices. In Japan, you can negotiate the price at any major electronics retail store if you can prove that the other store has lower price (even a penny!).

Of course, we bought HITACHI Frost Recycling Vacuum Compartment Refrigerator on our wish list! We went for 475L because it was the thinnest with great capacity ;)

As for the washing machine, we bought Sanyo's AQUA AWD-TQ900(W)! The attracting unique function is ozone washing called "Air wash". You can clean your clothes without water! Oxygen in the air is converted to ozone, using an ozone creation device, and is sprayed on clothing inside the machine. Ozone has a strong oxidation action, which either destroys or disassembles the cell walls of bacteria. This allows for eliminating bacteria, odors, and dirt (organic matter). With this machine, you can wash delicate clothing, business suit, stuffed animals, and shoes!!! Of course it has a normal washing cycle that uses water as well.

Then for air-conditioning and heating equipment, we went for Panasonic with nanoe (air purifier which at the same time hydrates your skin)! For the living room, we chose one with additional self-clean function that cleans the filter automatically!

We still haven't decided on the room lights, so maybe this weekend...

Anyways, after shopping, it was already after 10PM!!! We tried to order healthy foods! Matcha-hi (shochu-based beverage) and collagen salad with salmon and ikura for a starter ;)

I am eating natto because I heard eating natto before bedtime is good for the skin! hehe

No wonder we run out of savings... but why not enjoy our lives!!!
My excuse X(

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