Sunday, March 13, 2011

2 Days After the Miyagi Quake

The Miyagi quake was the most severe earthquake in Japanese history, a magnitude of 9! Still 20,000 people are missing...

We are still experiencing the afterquake in Tokyo and the largest of 7-magnitude afterquake is predicted to come in 3 days. How scary...

Tomorrow, we are going to have blackout for about 3 hours in rotation in Kanto area to save on electricity because we lack the power nationwide at this moment...

We have foods at stores, but no rice or bread because shipping businesses are still blocked.

Nevertheless, people are working, shopping, eating out as usual around here in Tokyo. We care a lot about devastated areas but we cannot all stop our hands but work and consume as usual!!! I think we Japanese are steady workers!!!

Believe it or not, my darling and I are moving out this Wednesday... Now we live in wooden house but our new home is reinforced concrete building, so I hope it's much safer... Anyways, I am really scared X(

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  1. Im really hoping and wishing for the safety of you and all of Japan! The media has produced a relaly good image of Japan! There's no stealing and burglary, people are still VERY polite, there's not pushing shoving and any signs on panic! It's amazing really because I think in any other city people would be going crazyyyy!!!!

    I really hope you new home is alright and you move in quick! >< Wow still being able to feel after shock is crazy! Buy lots of supplies!!!!

    Im super glad you're alright! is the damage in Tokyo a lot or just a little bit? lol Im assuming a little because people are still doing the usual =P

  2. i'm so glad that people in Japan can keep calm and carry on! it actually surprised me that they are able to do that actually!!

    hopefully homes have rice and food in stock so they are able to stay at home without going out.

    luckily for me i've been able to contact my friends and i've been able to chat to my friend in Sendai,Miyagi over twitter!!!

    i know everyone says this but keep safe and take care!!

  3. 亜美ちゃん無事で良かった。地震当日うちの妹は帰宅難民になって杉並区の避難場所で一夜を過ごしたよ。



  4. Ochi,
    Don't be scared. Everything will be back to usual very soon.

    We'll support you. Be strong ^^

  5. Ochi,

    Do you know that the explosion of the radiotion had affected some places in Malaysia too?I heard from my friend's mum saying that she can felt her window shaking all the way during explosion.

    It was scary!!We all still concern about this incident and everyone still bringing this topic in their conversation.But Japanese are really steady just like you said.You all still can continue normal routines.I guess I'm too coward to go out again if I experienced those moments.

    So,do have enough foods??Rice is main food for your country and I hope everything will get normal soon.Hope the shipping will proceed as usual.

    Do take care,my friend.Looking forward to your new place.Yahooo!!

  6. Ochi, i'm so happy to hear that you and your family are safe! My heart still aches everytime I hear or see photos of the devastation. Good to know that you're moving into a safer home! I pray that your move will go smoothly and that there will be no more afterquakes!

  7. btw ochi, my new designs w/ your help is being printed this week... i can't wait for you to see them! :)

  8. Hi Ochi,

    My prayers are with you & all Japanese! I cannot fathom the state of those who have been hit hard by this relentless natural disaster! My heart goes out to them....I feel I should be there to help!

    On the other hand, I am glad that you are okay and a little up beat given the magnitude of the devastation of your fellow-Japanese! The USA is here to help & so we will like the rest of the world, hang in there and if you have electricity and ingredients, cook up a storm because that is where you shine!!!

  9. Hi Ochi,

    I worry for you all there, I even received a story on my facebook about a dog who stayed with another dog and refused to leave it's side because it was hurt.

    The stories I'm reading are very upsetting and I worry for you all there! Especially the onset of another afterquake, and the nuclear crisis. Are the nuclear plants located near you and my cousin's area!!!

    I emailed my cousin, and he said he's ok. A word in my translation, I could not find a meaning for ~ Barimasu can you translate the word for me! Sometime I may send you the email, just to see how accurate my google translator is!

    Be safe my friend in your wonderful new home! Please keep us posted!! Better to be working if you can't be helping! Like Naz says "cook up a storm" so you have some left overs for bad times!!

    Very hard to keep food fresh when power out, but is the weather still cold there, you can put outside if needed! Still pretty cold here!

  10. Hope you're safe now, Ochi. I kept reading about the Japan Earthquake and sympathise with your nation, my heart aches with all those who are hit by it. And yet I'm also very impressed with the general Japanese spirit - I saw photos of people queueing up to buy food at the supermarket (instead of rushing in or even looting in other countries), I salute all of you. Be brave and my prayers to you.


  11. Hi suki,

    Thanks for your care!!!

    But to tell the truth, some people are going crazy in Miyagi and stole gasoline and some money from bank in the devastated areas X(

    Aftershocks still continue... I hope no more plates movements... Currently Tokyo has no damage but we don't know when another one happens...

  12. Hi grub,

    Yes! We Japanese are pretty united!!! It surprised me a lot, too!!! Maybe we are responsible to do our work ;)

    I'm glad to hear your friends were fine!!!

    Thanks for your kind words!!!

  13. Tomiさん、


  14. Hi anGeLine,

    Thanks!!! Your words make us happy!!!
    We hope we can restore everything soon!!!

  15. Hi jose,

    No, I didn't know about it in Malaysia!!!

    I was scared to go to work on the first day, but now we are going back to our routines day by day. I hope we can 100% recover soon...

    We have enough foods! We have rice, too! We can also eat out!!! Thanks for your care!!!

  16. Hi Kym,

    Thanks for your care!!!
    I hope no more earthquake, too!!!

  17. Hi Kym again,

    I can't wait to see your design, too!!!
    I will visit your post later to catch up your updates ;)

  18. Hi Nazarina,

    Thank you!!! It was pretty relentless and I hope it won't happen again...
    Yes. I can't go to the devastated sites but what I'm thinking was what you've just said!!!

  19. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for your care!!!

    The nuclear plants are not that close to Tokyo or Hokkaido but they affected many areas including other asian countries...(jose said it above) but the amount is etremely small.

    " ~ Barimasu" I think is ganbarimasu? which means he will do his best! You can always ask me ;)

    You and Nazarina know me! I will do so!!!

    Yes... it is still cold here everywhere due to lack of electricity... my darling caught a cold... I hope I am ok.

  20. Hi Tsu Lin,

    Thank you!!! I am glad to hear that you have a positive impression on Japan in this disaster... because some media say we are too slow... but I hope no more quakes and restore everything soon!!!


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