Sunday, March 13, 2011

2 Days After the Miyagi Quake

The Miyagi quake was the most severe earthquake in Japanese history, a magnitude of 9! Still 20,000 people are missing...

We are still experiencing the afterquake in Tokyo and the largest of 7-magnitude afterquake is predicted to come in 3 days. How scary...

Tomorrow, we are going to have blackout for about 3 hours in rotation in Kanto area to save on electricity because we lack the power nationwide at this moment...

We have foods at stores, but no rice or bread because shipping businesses are still blocked.

Nevertheless, people are working, shopping, eating out as usual around here in Tokyo. We care a lot about devastated areas but we cannot all stop our hands but work and consume as usual!!! I think we Japanese are steady workers!!!

Believe it or not, my darling and I are moving out this Wednesday... Now we live in wooden house but our new home is reinforced concrete building, so I hope it's much safer... Anyways, I am really scared X(

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