Monday, March 21, 2011

Renovation Completed!!!

On 3/12, the day after the Miyagi Quake, our renovation was completed. In the midst of the afterquakes, we made final checks... how scary X(

But, my darling and I were thoroughly delighted with the finish, except we found some scratches on the floor and the wall, but those were fixed right away.


Accent wall


Restroom (with bidet)

Hallway (there are 2 rooms along the hallway)

The contractor told us that a professional photographer took some photos of our renovated home, so I will post them when I received them ;)

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  1. Everything looks so nice and clean! I don't think I could have white walls in my home, they would get dirty so fast LOL The kitchen looks amazing and Im still loving that accent wall!

  2. Hi Ochi,
    Congratulations. I also wish to have my own house.
    And I like the accent wall and bathroom. Must be comfortable.

  3. Hi suki,

    Thanks for stopping by!!!
    I know! White can easily get dirty, so we selected white wallpaper with a pattern (hard to see it, though).

    Thanks for liking the wall ;)

  4. Hi anGeLine,

    It is currently comfortable, so I have to keep everything clean. It can easily get dirty if I don't care. LoL

  5. Oh Ochi! It's beautiful! I'm very envious. Do post more when you get your furniture in. I love looking at interior designs too.

  6. Hi Tsu Lin,

    It might take long to get all furniture, but sure, yes!!!


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