Friday, March 11, 2011

LIVE NHK Broadcast of Earthquakes

For Japanese who live overseas.

Live TV : Ustream

It's still shaking!!!

At 7PM, most trains in Tokyo stopped the services. Foods are about to sold out. OMG!!!

It's better to spend a night at work. Luckily, I have my toothbrush ;)

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  1. Take care Ochi. I felt the earthquake here in Osaka too, but I am sure it is much more scary in Tokyo. Please look after yourself :)

  2. Hi Fran,

    All trains in tokyo are stopped. I heard the center was huge, so we are experiencing many afterquakes X(

  3. i am so glad to hear you are safe and sound!!! please take care!!

    i'm so worried for my friends who live in the Tokyo region. i've had contact with some of them via twitter and they have assured me they are safe, but i can't get in touch with one of them who live in sendai, miyagi!! i've been reading about it and the area she lives in has been hit pretty bad D: D: D: i hope she is alright!

  4. Hi grub,

    I think I should better use Internet and update my Jap recipe stuff. LoL

    Trains are all stopped and we can do nothing but wait...

    I hope your friend in Sendai is fine. I know the area was terribly hit by Tsunami X( And we are still experiencing the afterquakes...

  5. Please....take care!i heard from my sister in law,the plates are all broken.
    and the roads now,are heavy...people are now walking going home.

  6. Thanks for your kind words!

    We are still having some afterquakes...

    I decided to stay at work since the trains are stopped and I don't want to walk back in a cold weather.

    I hope everything is fine tomorrow...

  7. Take care, Ochi. Pray that Japan will go through this safely.

  8. Hi Tsu Lin,


    It has been long time since we last had a huge quake, so I hope all bulidings are built strong enough than back then...

    I hope nothing bad happens tomorrow!!!

  9. OMG,Ochi,

    I have just learned of this massive earthquake and Tsunami.....and saw footage on TV here. Reading all the comments here, I am so glad you are safe!!!When I saw this footage, my first thought was you and another blogger friend I have in Japan.My prayers are with you and all the Japanese!Please take care of yourself.I will continue to pray, because I do believe that mass prayers can help through difficult times!
    There are Tsunami warnings here as well up and down the west coast( California, Oregon etc) & many people in Hawaii have either been evacuated or they have taken precautions to get to safety!

    Ochi, I know this may be of no consequence right now, but if I can help you in any way. do not hesitate to write me!

    Much, much love,

  10. Hoping and praying you are safe Ochi! What a scary thing to happen. Seems the world is going through crazy weather! Praying for the safety for all the folks there!! I sent an email to my cousin too, though I think this is more in your area!!

  11. Thanks Nazarina,

    I am doing ok at work... thinking of going home now.

    It is still shaking, but actually not (yet?) horribly...

    I hope nothing bad happens.

    And, yes is true. It did also made us think more for such a natural disaster.

  12. Hi jo,

    We are (still ?) doing fine. Thinking of going home now... since the trains are running in the little shakes.

    Hope no big one comes...

  13. OMG Im so glad you're okay! I even told me parents Im worried you LOL and omg the fooD!!! I think I should start making emergency packs at home or something lol, Im super glad you're okay and I hope your family and friends are okay! (especially your new home ><)

    p.s I even heard Disney Tokyo is flooded! I can't believe I was just there in May last year!!!!

  14. Hi Ochi,

    Seeing more footage like Nazarina on TV. Very worried for you over there, is your new condo home doing ok too! Please keep us posted, and stay safe!!

  15. Hi suki!

    Yes. Disney is flooded X(

    We are seeing nothing too bad here around Tokyo at this moment...

    No huge shakes, please!!!

  16. Hi jo,

    I hope my condo is okay, but I worry more about where to stay at this moment... too many shakes X(


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