Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blue Screen of Death

Last night, the Blue Screen of Death (the image from Wikipedia) came out unexpectedly on our 6-year-old FMV-DESKPOWER. (This was the latest PC with a built-in TV back then.)
It really frightened me a lot and the very first question I came up was:

When did I last back up my data?!

I couldn't get a real night's sleep... however, this morning, it came back on without an error screen. Whew...

Of course, I baked up all the important files before I go to work!!! How long you think the life of HDD? My former HDD lived for about 6 years... so I was kind of afraid to see the BsoD.

What a day :'-(

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  1. OMG!!!!! This is terrible!!!! Im glad that you backed up the important files though, this really reminds me that I need to back up my photos and files too! Photos are irreplaceable!! ( unless I revisit those countries again ahhahaha) I hate the blue screen of death! But I think my scree n of death is usually black =P

    Oh I didn't go to the pool at Seaworld! It was too cold and we didn't have much time since I wanted to et back to go to Magic Kingdom, hahaha yes you love food so much! Oh and yes Rakeru is the omurice family restaurant! I love that place so much hahahahahaha =P

  2. Hi suki!

    Yes! I mostly back up my photos because I don't think I can take exact ones again X(

    I read that black is for Vista or 7. I still use XP. LoL.

    Wow! Were the pools open under the cold weather?! I think your decision was right to go back to Magic Kingdom to enjoy Disney!!!

    We have Rakeru close to our home!!! I have to try it out since they use yodoran (iodine-enriched eggs) which contest I always enter ;)

  3. Oh, the dreaded Blue Screen of Death! Back in college, I used to panic whenever that appeared, and I usually turned off the PC or pulled the plug right away. I didn't religiously back up my files, and that's one of my life regrets. I've gotten more careful and wiser now.


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