Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Accomplishments

Hi! Time to list my accomplishments again!

On 2/5, I attended the award ceremony of 青の洞窟 (Ao no Doukutsu) idea recipe contest. I happened to appear on the news article, too. (I'm wearing the blue cardigan.) The result page was released on 2/25! Again, I found myself on the image. Blue color stands! hehe

On 2/13, surprisingly, my "Yummy Salty Tofu" ranked the 1st on Lettuce Club's website. Salt, sesame oil, and garlic really work up the appetite! Yummy yummy!

From left to right image, on 2/14, 10th person photo reported my "Lucky Bean Rice" at Cookpad. I cooked rice using the lucky beans which was leftover from the bean scattering on Setsubun (2/3). On 2/18, 10th person photo reported my "Melting Heart Vegetable Curry and Rice" and "Kimpira Stir-Fried Mizuna and Chikuwa". Thanks!!!

On 2/22, I won the grand prix at COBON recipe contest. COBON is a wild yeast drink product. It is honey-sweet syrup, so you can use it instead of sugar. Wild yeast is used to produce fermented foods such as miso, soy sauce, sake, etc... Lately, Japanese lack wild yeast due to the dietary habits imported from Western countries, therefore COBON was made and consumed over 60 years (since 1950) to help ferment foods you consume, not to decompose in your stomach! Anyways, I added COBON to my everyday soy banana smoothie with a hint of ginger ;)

I think I expect nothing for April, since I cannot enter any contest in March due to the removal stuff. Hopefully in May!?!?

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  1. wow amazing! You're always winning awards and stuff, you definitely deserve it!!! and yes, blue colour does stand out and you're the prettiest of the three!!! hee hee hee, ur hubby so lucky!

    Oh wow, so expensive to move and renovate >< I also think food is super important, I don't want to travel anywhere and have to eat bad food, especially if I go somewhere far hahaha like Japan =P btw, my fav restaurant is Rakeru, do they have that where you live?

    Wow your hubby's so diligent! I don't think I would study if I wasn't in school hahahahaha, yes your english is really good!

    P.s thanks for posting on my blog and your blog too!!!!!

  2. Thanks suki for stopping by!

    Yes! Renovation is expensive, but you can save money than getting a brand new house! hehe

    I searched Rakeru and found they are famous for omurice (omelette and rice). Is that the restaurant you mentioned?!

    You know what!? I am surprised at my darling that he attends the online class every day! But he says it is convenient because he can study anytime he wants from home.

    BTW, like you say, we don't go to school, so I am doing this contest stuff for my challenge! Otherwise, nothing really motivates me at work, you know... haha

  3. OCHI!!! I am so proud of you! Good job and KEEP DOING WHAT YOU LOVE! :) I'm sure once you get settled into your new home, you'll be winning contests and MORE! I am so excited to see where you will be headed. and... now i'm hungry because of your post. I want to try that Salty tofu! (tofu is one of my faves)

  4. Hi Kym,

    Thanks for your words!!!

    What I hope now is to make more time doing my stuff. haha

    Yes! Salty tofu is pretty good one! Very discerning of you to choose it ;) I think I have to translate it in English someday soon!!!


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