Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crispy Hina-Arare Cheese Truffles

March 3rd is Hinamatsuri (Japanese Doll Festival or Girls' Day). On this day, we set up hina dolls (hina-ningyo) that are believed to protect girls from bad luck. Those dolls consist of the Emperor (odairisama), Empress (ohinasama), three court ladies (sanninkanjyo), and five musicians (goninbayashi) in traditional court dress of the Heian period.

On Hinamatsuri, we eat colorful rice puffs called hina-arare. They commonly consists of three colors: pink, white, and green: pink represents life, white represents earth, and green represents trees. Those who eat them are believed to drive out their misfortune and disease.

Today, I will show you a crispy truffles recipe using leftover hina-arare ;)

Crispy Hina-Arare Cheese Truffles

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 10min + 60min refrigeration time
Number of servings: 8

50g (1.8oz.) cream cheese *softened to room temperature
50g (1.8oz.) white chocolate *melted over a pot of boiling water
30g (1.0oz.) hina-arare (for filling) *use the small grains
moderate amount hina-arare (for topping) *use the small grains

1. In a bowl, mix softened cream cheese and melted white chocolate, add hina-arare (for filling), and gently mix it in.

2. Divide the mixture into 8, roll into balls using hands, roll truffles in hina-arare (for topping), and refrigerate for 30 minutes until they set.

My original recipe in Japanese is here.

Verrrrry easy, and not that sweet, so try it out!

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  1. oo these sound yummy! i like eating the rice puffs with milk for breakfast :)

  2. Mmmmm! Ochi,

    I can so dive into these crispy cheese truffles! These are awfully cute!!!!
    Hope married life is good for ya! When are you starting your family? Hope this is not too much of a personal question LOL! I feel we know each other for a long time now!
    I would love to make these truffles for a get-together on Saturday when our friends and us go skiing! It would be delish!!!

  3. Hi grub,

    I know you love cereals ;)

  4. Hi Nazarina,

    Thanks for stopping by!!!
    Actually, I have no idea when... but maybe someday soon... when I'm ready. Because I feel too busy now that I want to rest a little bit. hehe
    You might have to look for something to substitute for hina-arare, but you know better than me ;)

  5. Wow! Looks really good. When we build our new house and get a nice kitchen, I will make these for sure!!
    Thanks for the recipe Ochi!

  6. Thanks fran!

    I wish to translate more recipes in the future ;)


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