Friday, March 25, 2011

竹生島神社 (Chikubushima Shrine)

竹生島神社 (Chikubushima Shrine) is one of the shrines located in 竹生島 (Chikubushima Island) on 琵琶湖 (Lake Biwa). Four gods are enshrined: 市杵島比売命 (ichikisimahimenomikoto) - god for traffic safety and good luck, 宇賀福神 (ugafukujin) - god for prosperous business and good harvest, 浅井比売命 (asaihinuminokoto), and 龍神 (ryujin). Those names are hard to read out for native Japanese, too...

Since no one lives on the island, it is believed to be a power spot where gods live!

My hula dancing buddy has just been there and gave me a cute charm against bad luck: 厄除身代り御守 (七色人形). I don't usually take a photo of my charms, but this was a souvenir kind (not that official), so I will show you how it looks :)

The seven primary colors used are said to protect us from evil and bring us good luck!

As I wrote before, 2011 is my grand climacteric year (大厄年).

I believe I already had many changes... but for more to come from now... thanks a lot!!!

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  1. o0o0o that's such a cute charm! When I went to Asakusa Shrine in Tokyo I also bought my parents charms too! One for safety and one for healthy, because my mom has a bad back and my dad is always getting speeding tickets HAHAHAHAHAHA

    This year is year of the rabbit and my bf is year of the dragon and it is suppose to be his "repelling" year and it's basically his bad luck year! So he wears a charm to wear it off, Im not sure if it's working though lol!

    Yes Im much more careful when I order things online now!!! Oh I had all FOUR of my wisdom teeth taken out! My mom jokes I have no wisdom now lol I used to have braces too! But I got lucky and I didn't have to get any teeth taken out for them but it feels like I am making up for that now =P

    Hope all is going well for you!

  2. Hi suki,

    I'm glad you said cute to my charm, because for some people it looks very religious, though it is not. You are right in the way you bought the charms for your parents in humor. haha

    Charms simply support us when we are feeling down. Good luck to your bf!!! (and me, too...)

    All at once?! I took out one by one, so I cannot imagine your pain. Lower teeth hurts a lot, right?! I'm glad to know that you are feeling well now!!!

  3. Your friend is really sweet to give the charm to you. I also carry a charm wherever I go. It is a charm form the Chinese temple which I keep in a "red packet" (Hong bao in mandarin) in my wallet.

    When I was very young, about 10 YO, I remember I lost my precious wallet. I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. It was my fav because it was my 1st time using my own money to buy it. Anyway, miraculously I found it back after 3 months of it disappearing with EVERYTHING intact (not much money inside but hey!). The same wallet was also lost and delivered back to me to my home once a few years later. In Msia, people are not so honest to deliver a lost wallet. I was very grateful for whoever it was who sent it back and I also thanked my "charm" in my wallet. :)

  4. Hi Tsu Lin,

    That's a nice story!!! I never lost my wallet but we can never get it back in Japan, too. Even iphone... my darling left his G3 in taxi and didn't get it back.

    I have a small frog in my wallet because I heard it returns money used. hehehe But it once jumped out from my wallet and he didn't come back... I have a new one now and he once jumped away, too but got it back where I lost. lol It is very small, so I was lucky to find it :D

  5. A frog?? What do you mean by that? Any picture of a frog will do? Oh, that is a good belief : I do have a picture of a frog in my wallet but my money does not get replenished. Hahahaha!!! I should be patient!

  6. Hi Tsu Lin,

    Oops. I simply thought the frog stuff is the same for your country but it might be not. hehe

    Frog looks something like this. I don't know about the picture but maybe it will do because frog in Japanese means "to bring back" :)


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