Friday, March 25, 2011

竹生島神社 (Chikubushima Shrine)

竹生島神社 (Chikubushima Shrine) is one of the shrines located in 竹生島 (Chikubushima Island) on 琵琶湖 (Lake Biwa). Four gods are enshrined: 市杵島比売命 (ichikisimahimenomikoto) - god for traffic safety and good luck, 宇賀福神 (ugafukujin) - god for prosperous business and good harvest, 浅井比売命 (asaihinuminokoto), and 龍神 (ryujin). Those names are hard to read out for native Japanese, too...

Since no one lives on the island, it is believed to be a power spot where gods live!

My hula dancing buddy has just been there and gave me a cute charm against bad luck: 厄除身代り御守 (七色人形). I don't usually take a photo of my charms, but this was a souvenir kind (not that official), so I will show you how it looks :)

The seven primary colors used are said to protect us from evil and bring us good luck!

As I wrote before, 2011 is my grand climacteric year (大厄年).

I believe I already had many changes... but for more to come from now... thanks a lot!!!

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