Monday, March 28, 2011

Our New Favorite Places

As you might know, my darling and I (actually I...) love to have a steady routine because I don't get bored of doing the same things :P Of course, I add some new things but not necessarily frequent. LoL

What we found near our new home is a jog spot! It's a 10 minutes run to get there. My dream to run along the river on the weekends came true :D

Near the station, we found many bento shops. One day, we tried okowa (sticky rice with vegetables or beans) bento, which you can select 3 different okowa from many!

Also, we found a sushi restaurant called Magurobito near station! Yay!!! As there are always long lines of people in front of the restaurant, their sushi was pretty good!!! We've already been there twice ;)

What we couldn't find is a cafe (my recipe thinking workplace LoL)... maybe I should better use our new dining table at home instead, which will hopefully arrive in April. Anyways, most cafes and restaurants are freezing cold due to the power saving (since the earthquake), so better to stay at home at the present day :(

Do you have any favorite place?
How often do you go there?

We are still having down-jacket weather in Tokyo...
I hope spring comes soon!!!

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