Thursday, March 24, 2011

Japan Quake Map

Japan Quake Map is pretty scary.

If you select "Friday 11/03/11" and wait till after 14PM, you will see how severe the 9.0 magnitude 2011 Tōhoku earthquake was and how frequently we have aftershocks...

Since 3/11, we had 738 quakes in Japan!!!

I heard on the news that the aftershocks may continue at least for a year... Many people are now getting "quakesick", which you feel like shaking all the time, and so do I...

Hope we all get well soon!!!

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  1. Wow that is crazy! This really sets in what mother nature can do to us all! I honestly think we need to treat her more nicely =(

    As for Ikea, I love going there too! They do have afforable furniture, in fact Im trying to convince my bf to buy a new bed because 1.) his is super old and too soft, means not very good for your back 2.) takes up wayyyy too much room in his bed room, his bed is king size, and there isn't even room for a desk in there!

    Not to mention I saw an adorable bed that I want hahaha, maybe if I pitch in he will get it for his room =P

    I love having a steady routine! Im not someone who gets bored of the same things easily, but I love to try new things at the same time and yes I love the aquarium, it's really lovely here and I have a annual pass to it =D Very cheap too!

  2. Yes suki! We shouldn't underestimate mother nature's power!!!

    Your bf loves to sleep. hahaha
    We were thinking of getting a king size bed but I just realized the same thing - saving room...

    I hope we can find something we like at IKEA!!!

    BTW, this earthquake screwed up all our routines, including our utilities...

    You have an annual pass to aquarium?! I know some people in Japan do the same for Disney. hahaha Your's sounds a good deal ;)

  3. Oh no, this is just insane. Very interesting link though, I will have to have a look. I hope you stop feeling quake sick soon, over 700 atferschocks is a lot!

  4. Hello jamie-lee,

    Thank you for your kind words. Your care cheer us up! We are trying to rebuild everything back soon. Meanwhile I hope no more disaster...


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