Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Pronounce "R" and "L" in English

As you might know, Japanese people can't pronounce "R" and "L" correctly...

My darling is studying English every day for about 25min using Skype and of course he has the same problem.

While at cafe, he showed me the Mouth Positions for R and L Sounds...


But it's not a laughing matter because I do have the same problem once in a while. But at least I know how weird I pronounce those, I believe I have a chance to improve them someday!

Maybe future video recording might help me improve it :D

Practice makes perfect!

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  1. hahahaha practice really does make perfect! My parents can't pronounce "th" very well lol are you and your bf is going to school for enlgish?

  2. haha ochi your hubby is so funny.. but yes, practice makes perfect!!!! you guys practice english and i'll keep practicing my japanese! hehe! :D

  3. Hi suki,

    Yes! "th" is also difficult for us! We tend to pronounce it "su" X(

    We are not going to school now. My darling is studying by himself and I don't really study... I don't feel like paying for English at least I know how to communicate with others XP

  4. This is great! Thanks Ochi!!! Your husband is so busy, and you guys are building your new house AND he has time to study English. Amazing!
    R and L are so difficult, and lots of my students make mistakes with them. S and SH are hard for some japanese students too. Don`t make a mistake with `sit` hehe ;)

  5. Hi Kym,

    His eyes were so funny that I cut the image, actually. hahaha

    Yes! I will try to improve my English in practice ;) Let's do our best!

  6. Hi Fran,

    Skype is really convenient! You can study whenever and it is actually very cheap: only 5000 yen per month for 25 min lesson every day! Teachers are mostly Filipino but at some schools you can choose native teachers by adding the fee. That's why he can manage both ;)

    haha, yes! Sometimes we do mispronounce "S" and "SH"... For me, "world" and "word" are tricky. Also, I somehow cannot pronounce "button" clearly... Many problems! haha

  7. Nice diagram! Thanks for sharing. Maybe it can help some of my students. :)

  8. Hi ReBekha!

    Glad you find it informative ;) Your students have the same problem there?! I forgot that you are a teacher!!! hehe

  9. Ochi,

    Honestly I had these problem too..Until now I still haven't figure out how to pronounce them in proper,international way.

    And I totally agreed with you-practice make perfect!!

    Beside,I like your photo.You looked fair in sky blue..

    Happy day eventhough I had busy one.

  10. Hi jose!

    Let's practice ;)

    I'm glad to hear that you are happy with your new job!!!

    Best wishes!!!

  11. i wasn't aware you could learn languages over skype. must be so useful :)

  12. Hi grub,

    Yes! And the lessons are amazingly CHEAP!!! You can get online whenever you want and catch a teacher at your convenience! Very efficient for our busy lives ;)


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