Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Work Desk

My dream was to have my own kitchen.

Of course, my darling has a dream to have his own work desk at home!!!

I hope I can get one for his birthday on 4/4 ;)

We are almost ready to proceed with our own projects.

Good luck to us!!!

I will reply to the comments today! Thanks for your care!!!

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  1. hahaha I hope your darling gets his dream! wow a desk, it seems so simple, if my darlings dream was just a desk I'd buy it for him a in a flash but maybe because he is still so "young and little" he wants things like rims for his car which I think is ridiculous! It doesn't do anything for the car, it cost a lot and the resell value is horrible and I cannot afford them hahahahahahaha

    Hows furnishing the new home coming along and is the dining set in yet? <--- sorry I keep bugging you about the set but Im just soo excited to see it!!! Oh and btw, this weekend I went to IKEA (do you know it? it's a super large furniture store) and I saw that they are also selling dining tables with one side as a bench too! When I saw it I immediately thought of you and ran down to sit on it hahahaha

  2. Hi suki,

    Rims?! LoL I don't know how much that cost, but sounds expensive!!! I'm glad my darling is not crazy about cars. But I understand your bf's obsessiveness. hehe

    Dining set is going to arrive in April. I hope red chairs matches our room ;)

    Yes! I know IKEA and thinking of going there to get my darling's desk since they have affordable furniture. hehe


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