Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Char-Grilled Anago

I think some of you now know that I'm crazy about Anago (conger eel)!

My grandpa used to catch tons of Anago and char-grilled them for us. I remember I ate more than ten of them at once! mmm yummy!!!

But things had changed and just before my grandpa passed away, people were banned to catch Anago. (It's pretty expensive to buy at stores...)

Anyways, char-grilled ones are the best! Unlike eel, Anago is not at all greasy! So, I love it!

I just received them as a gift! I think it is the perfect gift for me. hehe

What is your favorite food!?

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  1. i don't think we can get fresh anago where i live, but we can get frozen grilled unagi and maybe unagi from the markets.

    do you know what the green plant/herb thing is that came with the anago? it looks like the plant in my garden haha.

  2. Wow I didn't know about this type of fish! I usually eat eel (unagi?) because it's super delicious with just white rice! I can buy it premade in my local grocery market and just put it into the microwave to heat it up and serve with white rice hahahaha Im very simple like that sometimes =P

    But it's great that this is not oily!!! So much healthier and better for a girls skin hee hee

  3. Hi grub!

    Good question! Actually, I wasn't sure so I called the store to make sure what the plant is. The plant is called HIBA (ヒバ). It's selaginella in English. They say it sterilizes food. I wouldn't even question it if you didn't ask this question. haha

  4. Hi suki!

    I sometimes eat microwave eel, too! Simple but delicious!!! You know Japanese food very well ;)

    But yes! I prefer anago. hehe

  5. Oh man, I just love anago! Where did you get yours from? I just bought some today from the market, but I had a nice fillet last night along with unagi and hamachi kama and salmon skin hand rolls! Oh man, delish! As a matter of fact, that is by far my favorite foods!

  6. ‪hi GiGi,‬

    ‪You know anago?! Wonderful :D ‬

    ‪This anago, I won at a contest and is very pricey (in Japan). Costs about more than 10 bucks per fish‬. Oh, but I'm sure you can enjoy nice and fresh fish over there in your country! The food you had sounds delish :D


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