Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Incipio MacBook Shell Case Review

So far, I am very satisfied with my Incipio MacBook Pro 15in Feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case!

It really keeps my spirits up while working :)

And yes! Even I am spending more time on my video creation, I will keep up my blog because I just found that my blog has been accessed by over 100 thousand people (up to the present)!

Talk to you later!!!

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  1. Hello Ochi!

    Your desktop is so cute, and well combined. I don't have a MacBook, but that shell case makes me want to get one!

  2. Hi Theda,

    The case is really soft and it fits well!!! I use hard case for my iPhone but I'm afraid of breaking it like yours. haha

  3. Congtarulation on your plog popularity!! :D I hope it get even more popular in the future!
    The case is so cute!

  4. Hi Jenia,

    Thank you :)
    Actually, it's not that lot visits in 3 years. haha But I hope I can keep in touch with you and many friends online in this way! Plus I hope I can share Japanese stuff through my blog!

  5. Wha!!! The shell case is sooo pretty, makes me want to get a mac hahaha but it will be such a waste of money for me since my pc is still alive and treating me very very good =)

    Pink always cheers me up, sometimes if my nails are pink they put me in a better mood hahaha

  6. Thankyou for your comment! love the macbook case! =D pink is my favorite color! nice blog! haha actually the pictures just shows a part of my hellokitty collection XD you live in Japan? i have family in Kobe! =D i'm following you now already =) hihi xoxo

  7. Hi suki,‬

    ‪There would be time you have to get a new one, so don't waste ;) I change my pc once in 6 years. haha

  8. Hi Candy!

    Thanks for stopping by!!!
    Part of kitty collection?! So you have more than that?! Amazing!!! I heard there is a hello kitty hotel in Taiwan and is pretty cheap :D I wish to go there once!!!

    Your family is in Kobe?! Yes! I live in Tokyo :)

  9. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)

  10. This is really very beautiful post I like this beautiful leather macbook air case a lot. Very nice and clear image depiction. Your have really done great job by sharing such nice post.Thank a lot.


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