Thursday, April 28, 2011

Juicy Tender Simmered Eggplant - Video Recipe

New video is up now :D

I thank to all my friends who watched my videos. I know it is hard and takes time to generate traffic but I want to focus more on the content as usual like I write my blog posts! Anyways, it is a day-long project to complete one simple video recipe, so I wish I could get used to it soon!!!

BTW, starting from tomorrow till 5/8, we are having Golden Week holiday (GW) in Japan. It's a large consecutive holiday containing public holidays.

Tomorrow my darling and I are going to participate in a 10km (6 miles) marathon!

And yes! I already have a list of places where we (I) want to go during the holiday :D
- Royal Wing Lunch Cruise - My mom gave me free tickets! It's been a while to go Yokohama.
- Shibuya 109 - I haven't been there for ages X(
- Rise Shopping Center - Newly opened huge mall in Futakotamagwa!
- Daiso or Can Do - I gotta make sure if I can get what I want at a dollar before I spend too much. LoL
- Grandberry Mall - It's an outlet!
and so on…

I'll be posting my updates when I get a chance ;)

Have a nice day!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    I'm so glad to meet you in person thru video.As you know,we met in blog which doesn't have sound.Haha..

    Anyway I like the way you presented your recipes.Easier for everyone to follow and clear too.

    You're doing a great job!!


  2. how long did it take you to ground those white sesame seeds? the dish looks really yummy! i didnt know eggplants have to be soaked in water to remove the bitter taste, so i've learnt something valuable from this video!:) i usually cook eggplants with sambal chilli, my favourite! ;)

    p.s. how was the 10km marathon??!


  3. i've tagged you for a writing tag! :)

  4. Hi jose,

    Yes I know! Once you uploaded a video and I felt close, too. Maybe you can try the outfit video :D

I'm glad you found my recipes easy!!!

  5. Hi mica,

    Good question! It takes less than a minute to ground it :D I bought this mini mortar at Daiso! I hope it is available in your country, too!!!

    sambal chilli eggplant sounds yummy!!!

    marathon was nice because we had a nice weather today ;)

  6. Thanks mica for the tag!

    I will keep that for the time I don't have anything to post ;) hehe


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