Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy 36th!!!

Now my darling is 36 years old. I met him when he was 28. Time flies!!!

Since 4/4 was a weekday, I couldn't prepare much for his birthday but some cakes! I simply wanted to let him blow out the candles on his birthday so I bought them on my way home :)

Yes! He was happy like a child ;)

I'm reducing the image size since he's wearing his pajamas. LoL

Of course, we ate the cakes in the morning because we are not young enough to eat sweets before bedtime ;P

How do you celebrate your loved one's birthday?

BTW, it was my 800th post since I started this blog. WOW!!!

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  1. Aw yay! Happy Birthday to your darling, and Happy 800th Post to you!!

  2. Congratulations to your darling!! and to you - 800 blog posts is A LOT!

  3. Hi ReBekha,

    Thanks to both!!! I hope I can keep up my diary.

  4. Thanks fran,

    Do you know mixi? I was keeping up my diary there before I started this blog. After I reached full account there, I was in between posting my diary at other blog service in English or Japanese and I went for English at blogger. I'm glad to see you here as a result!!!

  5. happy birthday to ur hubby n congrats on ur 800th post!:)

    last year i bought a slice of cake so he could blow out the candles too. we cant finish an entire cake n he didnt want housemates to know abt it, so it's just 1 slice for the both of us to share. Early in the morning, whilst housemates are still asleep, we walked quietly on tiptoes to the kitchen n i sang him a birthday song, whispering to his ear. it was a very low-key event but special in its own way! ^_^

  6. Happy Birthday to your hubby. and happy 800th post. BTW love your blog::)


  7. Hi Ochi,

    Happy birthday to your darling. Ya, I also avoid having a supper before bedtime. It is hard to reduce my weight since I'm getting older, haha.

  8. congats on your 800th post, ochibear! ;) and HAPPY 36th birthday to your love! Time surely flies... when my fiance and i celebrate each others birthdays, usually we will just spend an evening out to a nice restaurant (either the birthday celebrants favorite restaurant or a nice restaurant which we havn't tried yet) and then we also do 3 more celebrations - with friends, with my family, and then with his family. :)

  9. Hi Mica,

    Thank you!!!

    How sweet and exciting!!! You two are true lovers ;) I think your bf loves the way, too. hehehe

  10. Hi Tricia,

    Thanks!!! I'm glad to hear that. I will try to keep my diary for people like you :)

  11. Hi anGeLine,

    Thank you!!!
    You are still younger than me!!! But, being careful is not at all a bad thing!!! I thought I should have done that earlier...

  12. Hi Kym,


    I just saw your post celebrating your sister-in-law!!! How nice going to the place you never tried!!! 3 celebrations are a lot!!! We do sometimes celebrate with family but mostly together with my sis since her birthday is close to mine. LoL

  13. Wah the cakes you selected for your hunni look so yummy! And what a thoughful wife he has! kekekekekeke For my bf's bday we just do what he wants to do that day, this usually means we stay home and he gets to play video games and I need to watch him HAHAHAHAHAHHA maybe a bit boring but it's easy and cheap, he's easily impressed and satisfied like that =P Me, not so much LOL When it's my birthday it really depends on my mood, sometimes I just like to relax and not do anything special, but for the past few years we save up money and go on vacations!

    Oh wow 800th post?! congrats!!!!!! That's amazing!!!

  14. Hi suki,

    It's a good idea to save up money for your vacation!!! But basically the same for us, too. We don't buy things to each other without asking in order to avoid spending money for unnecessary things. hahaha

    Time flies. I have been writing one post per weekday since 2008, which means 200 posts per year!


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