Thursday, April 21, 2011

Introduction to my Channel

Some of you may already know that I am going to leave my job on May 31st. I have been working at a trading company for 7 years but after the huge quake in Miyagi, I thought it's end of Japan (and I think many people did thought in the same way...) So, I simply thought I want to use my time to share Japanese cooking which is the most thing I can do for myself and for my country at this moment. I believe Japanese dishes are amazingly healthy and delicious and people have to try out at home! And maybe your interest in Japan (consuming Japanese products?!) would help restore Japan after many many years!

So, for a few years, I shared my ideas of Japanese home-cooked meals through my blog but now I decided to share them through my Create Eat Happy :) channel @ YouTube, which I think is more interesting and easier to understand.

I mostly cook Japanese foods in a style using popular Japanese food products which most Japanese homemakers use. So, I hope you enjoy!

BTW, I'm new to speaking English online and editing how to videos using iMovie, so please bear with me until I improve!

I hope I can post my first tutorial as soon as I can!

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See you!!!

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  1. You are so cute!! It's SUPER fun to see you in person and I can't wait to see all your new videos!! I am going to cook more now that I can learn from you. :D

  2. rebakha's right, u ARE cute in that video dear! u speak english v well, so not to worry:) really looking forward to watching ur cooking videos, u know how much i love cooking ^_^

  3. Very cool idea the Youtube channel. I like it. :)

  4. Hi ReBekha,

    Thanks for your interest!!! I hope I get used to editing videos soon!!!

  5. Hi Mica,

    I sometimes mispronounce words, so I really worry about that... haha But I hope my videos give ideas to your cooking!!!

  6. Thanks Tornadoes!!!

    I'm glad you like my idea ;) I try my best!!!

  7. this is such a great idea! I am really looking forward to your tutorials! ^_^

  8. Hi Ochi,

    I love it, went to make sure it was the same channel I had for you, and it was!! You speak English very well, and I'll be popping over to visit you from time to time. Been real busy here too! Are you still going to be doing your blog? I think video's are a great idea to get you more exposure! Are you getting another job, or is it very bad in your area. You do great in front of a camera, maybe you can have your own cooking show! :)

  9. Ochi you look so cute!!!

    And I cannot wait to see your cooking videos, I have tried some of your recipes and I love them!!

    I hope you had a good weekend, the renovation to your new place looks amazing, like it should be on a magazine =D

  10. Hi Jenia,

    I hope I can upload as many videos as I can :)

  11. Hi Jo,

    Yes! It's the channel I always use :)
    And yes for the blog, too! I will update here as usual because blog posts are much easier than creating videos. haha
    You know what!? I started videos since it is hard to have my own cooking shows on TV!!!

  12. Hi Theda,

    Oh thanks!!!
    I think the first video about rice is too easy for you but I hope the next one helps you give an idea!
    Our renovation is very simple but I love it :)

  13. i guess you must have been inspired by the video made by cookpad. i think it's great that you make videos because more people can see how easy it is too cook. have you seen "cooking with dog" 's channel?

    i don't think you have to worry much about your english, it was pretty good and i like your accent :D

    keep up the good work with future videos :3

  14. Hi grub,

    Good guess! I have been inspired by many HOW TO videos on YouTube! They are cool!!!

    I know cooking with dog! I'm always surprised with Francis that he always stays still while cooking. hahaha

    Oh thanks! I hope I can improve my eng by creating the videos!!!


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