Saturday, May 14, 2011


What does Confidence mean to you?!
Where do you get your confidence from?!

Confidence is important in anything you do… when talking with people (even with friends), when at work (presentation, etc…), and for me, when cooking, too!

I started to live by myself when I was 18, so I now don't really depend on my parents. However, speaking of confidence, I am pretty wimpy. I worry a lot about trivial things and dwell on the past X(

But 7 years ago, after I met my darling, I changed. I still have those wimpy feelings but I don't care that much like before. My darling always listens me and say "you can do whatever you want" like a God. haha That's why I could easily quit my job. And I have groundless confidence in doing my stuff… Why I say groundless is because me in the past might think in that way. haha

I always nag my darling but I really thank him for being with me :D

My mom gave me a planter of Euphorbia milii. It signifies self-dependence. I know. I somewhat try not to depend on my darling. But let me depend on him while I'm with him. hehe

My mom gave me this a day before mother's day and was a flower for mother's day (actually with a card) which was pretty funny. Silly my mom. haha

Anyways, I'm glad to find the Blogger back now... it was quite a long down!!! Unfortunately some of the comments were gone X( I have copies in my e-mail, so I will reply to those comments when I get a chance. I hope the Blogger won't have a problem again...

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