Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pink Bunny Hello Kitty

I bought a new Pink Bunny Hello Kitty cell charm!

Do you remember my Pink Jeweled Eyes Hello Kitty? After only 5 months, it really got dirty like a duster as expected X(

So I bought a new one! I know it's white face will get dirty in a snap, but I liked it :D

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  1. i just clicked on the link to view ur previous post abt the jewel-eyed kitty and o my, the colour really differs greatly now. haha... bunny kitty's cute but i think i really like that jewel-eyed kitty, its fur looks so fluffy, it's such a sweet baby pink, and most of all, it has a heartshaped cushion charm with it! *_*

  2. I love hello kitty and rabbit . So that new charm is perfect :D

  3. Wow super kawaii!!! hahahaha did I spell that right? This is so cute! I love how Hello Kitty always does new collaboration, there stuff is never boring! The one you bought is so cute! Too bad for me, Hello Kitty stuff here is very expensive!!! Sometimes they triple the price here, so unfair! I often just buy it online but then I have to wait 3weeks just for a small keychain hahaha

  4. Hi mica,

    Yes... it is really dirty now X(
    I'm gonna keep this heart cushion with the bunny because it looks still clean and the color matches to it. hehe

  5. Hi めい,

    Yes! And it was perfect for my cell phone :D

  6. Hi suki,

    You spelled right ;)

    There are many Hello Kitty series but I always go for pink, as you know! hehe

    I know that Hello Kitty made in the U.S. is cheaper and colorful in design at your place :D

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  8. Cute Hello Kitty charm! There’s always something about Hello Kitty that thrills me. I love just seeing its cuteness everywhere. I love the one you bought but, I think, I like your old one more. I know it’s dirty but, it still looks good to me. Haha. In fact, clean or not, as long as it’s Hello Kitty, I’ll still love it no matter what.

    Nelson Tillmon


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