Friday, May 6, 2011


My darling hates when I buy something pink and cute for the things we share. So, that's why I don't get any girly pink body wash or shampoo... of course no pink furniture at home!

However, if it comes to penguin or any kind of "birds", my darling agrees to buy it without question! haha

This penguin holds something like iPhone, so this might be an additional factor for his decision. LoL

Does your hun have a surprising obsession?!

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  1. haha my partner too, there was this 1 time when i suggested getting polka dotted print mattress cover for the bed and he totally objected!

    obsession... i think my dear is obsessed with being tidy, neat, & orderly. his room is tidier than mine a million times and all his stuff are placed neatly; way too orderly! i always tell him he got OCD! n he'll get irritated. haha~

  2. hahah this looks like something designed for children XD it's so cute though ^^

  3. Hi mica,

    Hahaha!!!!! I think my darling objects to polka dotted stuff, too!

    I wish my darling is bit like that... X( He puts off the cleaning...

  4. Hi grub,

    I hope it is not only for a child... haha

    Freesia was the better scent. Others were too sweet like bubblegum!

  5. lol your hubby is funny! he doesn't like cute things except penguins? i wonder why is that haha
    my bf doesnt mind cute things but he hates when a lot of stuff is in the room. so i can buy whatever i want, i just can't put it the home lol

  6. so cute hahaha i ever had one like this but different design :p

  7. Hi Jenia,

    Really!? How considerate!!!

    We used to keep a lot of stuff, but now we both try to reduce by not keeping stuff that we don't use for many years! Your bf is right!!! hehe

  8. Hi めい,

    I found this at celule, you might know the shop! hehe


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