Wednesday, May 4, 2011

As My Hun Sees Me… LOL

Tonight, we've been to a new shopping malls in Futakotamagawa: Rise and Dogwood Plaza. They both were clean and gorgeous but most things were pricey so we just enjoyed window-shopping :P

For dinner, we found yakitori izakaya (skewered chicken restaurant) called 鶏厨くし (Torizukushi). As a starter, I ordered grapefruit sour which is 焼酎 (sho-chu) based cocktail that I need to squeeze the grapefruit by myself. My darling helped me, of course ;)

And then my darling said he's gonna take my pic but I wasn't ready… as you can see I was busy picking the grapefruit pulp. haha

Here we go!

It is funny I am always like this in front of him!!!

Their yakitori was pretty delicious!!! I hate liver but I tried a piece from my darling's and found it pretty good!!!

I will go back here again :D

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