Wednesday, May 4, 2011

As My Hun Sees Me… LOL

Tonight, we've been to a new shopping malls in Futakotamagawa: Rise and Dogwood Plaza. They both were clean and gorgeous but most things were pricey so we just enjoyed window-shopping :P

For dinner, we found yakitori izakaya (skewered chicken restaurant) called 鶏厨くし (Torizukushi). As a starter, I ordered grapefruit sour which is 焼酎 (sho-chu) based cocktail that I need to squeeze the grapefruit by myself. My darling helped me, of course ;)

And then my darling said he's gonna take my pic but I wasn't ready… as you can see I was busy picking the grapefruit pulp. haha

Here we go!

It is funny I am always like this in front of him!!!

Their yakitori was pretty delicious!!! I hate liver but I tried a piece from my darling's and found it pretty good!!!

I will go back here again :D

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  1. hehe you are so cute with your grapefruit! i'm DEFINITELY not a fan of liver but i think if it's done the right way, i might not mind. There is a noodle dish in the Philippines that people traditionally put chopped liver in but it's not barbequed or flavoured or anything so it tastes BLAH! i always mistakenly eat that when i was a kid so it left a bad taste in my mouth even now that i'm older. haha!

  2. That yakitori looks really good. That is one of my favorite Japanese foods.

  3. You are so cute Ochi!!! I like the photo where you are picking your grapefruit hahaha My bf does that too alot, take photos of me when Im not ready, still eating or talking etc. and he always captures the most unflattering photos of me! Im not a fan of liver either! I know what you mean by only window shopping too =P

  4. i'm ok with yakitori but it's not a must-order dish for me when i dine @ jap restaurants. what i really do love and always always order is... plum wine! haha ok its not a dish but it's a must-order for me =)

    u look so cute even in candid shots, i always look disastrous in candid pics, such an embarrassment >_< maybe i shld do a post with all my yucky candid pics? haha~

  5. thanks dear, i love to take pics not only of myself (haha i frequently hoard my honey's iphone 4 to take self-portraits cuz my iphone 3 doesnt have the front camera) but also of scenery & surroundings ard me. i've got lots of camera apps on my iphone and only 1 game. haha~

    aust experiences 4 seasons too! summery all year round would be Singapore, my hometown :) after experiencing 4 seasons, i cant get used to humid and warm s'pore anymore >_< mum thinks im weird cuz i lived in s'pore for 19 years of my life!

  6. so much shopping lately haha. i've yet to try yakitori but liver kinda puts me off it haha. my cousins who went to Japan said yakitori was really good!

  7. Hi Kym,

    Yes! I am picky about liver since I hate it. But I know it is good for my health, so I try when it's good :D

    OMG, that noodle dish sounds gunky X(
    I totally understand that if you have bad food it leaves a bad taste for a long time... I have some favorite foods that I hate just because I once had a bad one... liver is the one...

  8. Hi Tornadoes!

    It was good :D You gotta try this restaurant ;)

  9. Hi suki,

    Totally understand the unflattering photos!!! Same to me X( This was funny, so I posted, but mostly awful that I want to delete it asap... haha

  10. Hi mica,

    Yep! It is not a must-order dish for me, too. So when my darling said he wants to eat at the Yakitori restaurant, I hesitated... but most of the time, he chooses a delicious place, so I bet him! hehe

    I used to love plum wine and tried many kinds... I even made sure the restaurant has one! haha But since it is sweet, I really had a bad headache once, so I stopped ordering it... I am too simple. BTW, now I am in SAKE and red wine. haha

    Like I wrote to suki, I always look awful! Don't worry! hahaha

  11. Hi mica,

    Same to mine! I use iPhone 3 without the front camera and my darling owns iPhone 4!!! You always take your food pics with iPhone?! Amazing!!! I have to try out apps, too!!!

    It is still cold here in Japan, so I envy the warm weather, but sounds really hot in Singapore!!!

  12. Hi grub,

    Yep! So much "WINDOW" shopping. LoL

    I can't eat most portions, so usually I go for veggie yakitori :D Tomato bacon is my favorite!!!


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