Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Wing Lunch Cruise in Yokohama

Today my darling and I went to Yokohama and enjoyed a Royal Wing Lunch Cruise - 飲茶 (dim sum)! My mom gave us the free lunch tickets while ago ;) hehe

After lunch, there was a balloon sculpture demonstration.

They took our pics with my camera, which was pretty kind :D

Then we shopped around, so my feet are tired X( But luckily we found a great sofa for our new home!!!

BTW, thanks for the comments on my previous posts! I will write back later for sure!!! And I know I am behind the video creation, but I will soon post the next one after the GW holidays ;)

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  1. Wow this looks like a very nice and relaxing lunch cruise! Is dim sun very popular in Japan? It is where I live due to the high population of the asian community! But did you know that people in hong kong etc. actually wake up at 6am to eat dim sum! Omg when I heard that I thought it was crazy, over here dimsum usually starts at 8 ( at the EARLIEST) and ends at 2pm! haha clearly we did not carry the traditional of waking up early over here in Canada =P

    Your sooo lovely and that balloon is very cute! Im actually very scared of balloon and can only hold/be near the foil or plastic kind. Im very scared of it popping on me! >< o0o0o0o I'd love to see the new sofa! =D

  2. yumcha on board a cruise ship?! that's really interesting cos for asian chinese, when we think of yumcha, it's usually in a restaurant! i'll love to experience how it's like to yumcha on board a cruise ship too, ur mum's so lovely to pass u those tickets. Oh n my honey n myself just yumcha-ed on tuesday too, will upload pics soon:)

    i love ur dress, i was so crazy abt maxi dresses over the past spring n summer seasons! but it's late autumn here, we're approaching winter, too cold to be walking ard in pretty maxi dresses. N ur flower earrings are really pretty, makes ur outfit look really lively. i'm currently very addicted to earrings shopping! But i need clip-ons, and there really aint much designs ard, sadly :(

  3. suki: yumcha here starts only at 11am! haha...

  4. Hi suki!

    Yes. I think dim sum is well known in Japan but I didn't know that it is traditionally served in such an early morning! Here in Japan, I think dim sum is served for lunch and dinner. haha

    Me, too! I am scared of it, but the lady who made this said it won't pop easily, so I carried.

    I will post about the sofa later! But not sure when we gonna actually purchase it. It is too expensive to get all furniture at once!!!

  5. Hi mica,

    Yep! It was on a cruise ship :D
    Maybe because the harbor is close to China town, they serve it on board!

    It is interesting to know that you also call the dress "maxi dress"! Same in Japan!!! Or, Japan imported the words?! hehe

    I have some clip-ons, too but after wearing for hours, they hurt a lot X( And sometimes I get a headache... I have no idea why, though...

  6. Wow... How traditional Canada is. hehe

  7. Hi fashioneggpplant,

    Thanks! And thanks for stopping by!


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