Monday, June 20, 2011

La casa di Nao

Good morning :D

On the weekend I went to shop at Shibuya 109 again :D Yay!!! I really love clothes from One Spo, so after going up and down the shops (you know what I mean if you've been to 109 before. LoL) I decided to shop only at this store. hehe

After shopping is the dinner time! XD But at the time we were hungry, all restaurants in Shibuya were really crowded... so we decided to try the Italian called La casa di Nao where we didn't have to wait.

Unexpectedly, all foods here (we ordered) were amazingly delicious!!! I think I'm gonna come back here again.

Homemade sangria. Nice refreshing citrus flavor.

Arugula salad with slices of parmesan cheese.

Anchovy tomato pizza baked in stove oven.

Green carbonara. The pasta was hand-kneaded!!!

They each were pricey but surprisingly, the total amount was not that much and was as usual! XD

We still have rainy days... and because I carry an umbrella and feel like having too much luggage, I keep on forgetting to take pics of myself. X'(

Anyways, yesterday I cooked for the contests after a great while!!! I can't tell you what I cooked at this moment but they were delish.

Yeah, also my new video is almost done. It's one of very popular Japanese foods which you might know! hehe

See you later on YouTube :D

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