Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Accomplishments

For those of you who know my routine monthly updates, it's already June!!!

Here are my accomplishments in May :D

On 5/7, my Enoki Tantan Rice Bowl won a grand prix at mushrooms recipe contest. Tantan refers to the sesame based hot foods, such as Tantanmen (担々麺). The smooth texture of enoki mushrooms is amazingly delicious and went well with white rice :D

On 5/10, my Grilled Tuna with Cheese Sauce won a S&B prize at orangepage, where I update my food diary in Japanese :D If you remember from my curry and rice recipe, S&B is a company that makes spice products in Japan.

On 5/10, my Stir-Fried Ginger Pork and Cabbage received the 10th photo report at Cookpad. I already translated this recipe in English. Check it out HERE.

On 5/17, my Crunchy Salad Parfait won the outstanding performance award and was broadcast (5/17 23:30) on TV program called WBS (World Business Satellite)!!! However it was only for a few second, so I took a snapshot of the TV. LoL

On 5/27, my Non-Fried Crispy Croquette using rusk (toast) won a grand prize!!! My darling loves croquette, so this was a good idea to save time ;)

Last but not least, I thank to 250 people (at this moment) subscribing to my YouTube channel!!!

All for today!

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