Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trip to Okinawa

I am finally posting this today!
My darling and I've been to Okinawa in December. (12/21-23)
It was a real busy three days and two nights trip, but we enjoyed ;)

The tour price was amazing! Everything (plane ticket, hotel, and bus tour) was $299!!! hehe

Day 1

Ryukyu Mura: authentic re-creation of an ancient Okinawan village (琉球村)

Goya (Bitter Melon) Beer (ゴーヤビール)

The photo shows how Okinawan people used to make Sata Andagi (サーターアンダギー): Okinawan Doughnuts

Okinawan Soba (沖縄そば)

Okinawa Brown Sugar Factory (黒糖工場)

Shuri Castle Park (首里城公園)

Yunangi (ゆうなんぎい): they serve Okinawan home-cooked meals! very delicious!!! My darling found the restaurant along the Kokusai Dori Street (国際通り)

Day 2

Manzamou (万座毛)

Nago Pineapple Park (ナゴパインアップルパーク)

Ryukyu Glass Craft (琉球ガラス工房)

Lunch at Goya House (ゴーヤーハウス)

Kourijima Bridge (古宇利大橋)

Ryugujo Chochoen (琉宮城蝶々園): Butterfly Paradise

Churaumi Aquarium (海洋博公園 沖縄美ら海水族館)

Bise (Garcinia) Tree Path (備瀬のフクギ並木)

Okinawan Dinner

Eating Umi Budo (a type of sea kelp that looks like grapes) LoL

Day 3

Mainly was shopping at Kokusai Dori Street (国際通り). We found a cozy cafe restaurant called Zooton's that serves home-made hamburgers ;) Yummy!!!

Last but not least, we had Gurukun Karaage: Okinawan fried fish (グルクン唐揚げ) with Awamori (泡盛): Okinawan sake at the Naha Airport (那覇空港) ;)

I will one day make a video of my recipe that uses Mozuku (seaweed)!

Anyways, next time, I wish to visit the islands in Okinawa!!!

I am sorry for this lousy typing. I hope you get an idea of Okinawa sightseeing :)

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