Friday, August 3, 2012

Alaska Cheese Fries Melt - Video Recipe

Simple and delicious! I fried avocado and cheese wrapped with smoked salmon. You can sprinkle them with lemon juice for a refreshing taste!

This recipe won the highest award at KRAFT's cheese recipe contest. It became a recipe card.

Alaska Cheese Fries Melt

Difficulty: Very Easy
Time: 15min
Number of servings: 8

8 slices natural cheese
1/2 avocado
8 slices smoked salmon
* flour
* beaten egg
* Panko (bread crumbs)
vegetable oil for frying
lemon wedge *optional

1. Slice avocado widthwise into 8 slices.
2. Place a slice of smoked salmon so that the length of it is running flat and vertically towards you. Place the sliced avocado and natural cheese on the end of the smoked salmon close to you and start rolling (you don't have to wrap them securely because you are going to deep fry for just a few seconds).
3. Flour the salmon rolls lightly, dip in beaten egg, then coat with Panko. Use one hand to coat flour and Panko, and use the other to dip in egg to keep one of your hands dry.
4. Deep fry them for a few seconds in oil at 190C (374F) until golden brown. Remove them from the oil before the cheese melts and oozes out.
5. Serve with lemon wedge if you like.


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