Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Birthday

Before I forget.

12/9 was my birthday.
It was the last day of the first week of YouTube NextUP!
My darling was so kind that he reserved a restaurant near my workplace :)
Asian Bistro Dai: It was pretty good!!!

Then surprisingly, he asked me to take purikura with him. I love purikura but I knew he doesn't... Moreover, I saw him cutting the purikura 0_0 ???

Then we headed to the restaurant. What he gave me was a handmade birthday card. It was AMAZING!!! I cannot share the card with you (because he said he doesn't want me to post it). He put cut purikura on my card. How sweet :)

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  1. Ochi,

    Your hubby is a great man!! I adored both of you,always romantic and lovey dovey.Happy belated birthday...all the best in your new career path!

  2. heehee, your husband is definitely a keeper - how thoughtful of him to make you a card :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Your husband is so cute for doing such nice things for your birthday! I wish you both happiness and happy holidays♥


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