Friday, October 18, 2013

Souvenirs from Kyoto

I made a quick video about my souvenirs from Kyoto.
BTW, I took the thumbnail picture in front of Kyoto Nishiki Market!

Sakura-mochi @ Tsuruya-kotobuki 鶴屋寿 桜餅
179yen per piece

Hon-warabi-mochi @ Oimatu 老松 本わらび餅
350yen per can

Kurogoma Cubes @ GOMAJE ゴマジェ 黒ごまキューブ
630yen per cup

Agehana Mix @ Kikuya 喜久屋 揚げ花MIX
550yen per set

Black Bean Tea and Beauty Candies @ Kawai-jinja shrine 河合神社 黒豆茶と美人飴
500yen and 350yen

Comb Amulet @ Mikami-jinja shrine 御髪神社 櫛のお守り

Kyo no Omanjyu @ Tawaraya Yoshitomi 俵屋吉富 京のおまんじゅう 八重 (left)
380yen for 3 pieces
Yatsuhashi Crunch @ Otabe おたべ 八ッ橋クランチ (right)
525yen for 16 pieces

Blog Post about our trip to Kyoto

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  1. hello, do you know if the Gomaje Kurogoma cubes can be found outside of Japan, or shipped to the US?
    A friend brought me some and I am obsessed!

  2. i understand how addictive it is. hehe also, i love crunchy black sesame seed cubes from OKINAWA, too. i used to buy it online almost every month. lol i stopped because i thought it gonna be endless... hahaha

    anyways, i don't know about the international shipping. maybe you can write to them and ask :) i found e-mail on their site.


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