Monday, November 25, 2013

A Day with Google in Taiwan

The "A Day with Google" event is designed to show how Google can be an intelligent personal assistant, making everyday life simpler for people.

The event was set in a venue modeled like a house, with rooms dedicated to different Google products.

I was asked to make sushi rolls and demonstrate mobile tools in the kitchen room that people can use to make cooking a bit easier.

My darling took this 360 degree photo with his gadget (RICOH THETA). Cool!!!

Google was nice, they let me take my darling to Taiwan (though I had to pay for his flight). It was my fist time talking in front of the journalists, so I was very nervous until the event day. But I thank to my darling for coming with me, we could fully enjoy Taiwan together in our free time, not thinking too much about the presentation :)

DAY1 (11/17):

We bought Bento for our lunch at なだ万 (Nadaman) in Shinjyuku, on the way to the Narita airport. We arrived in Narita on time, and everything seemed fine, but our flight delayed due to unexpected mechanical failure… We suppose to arrive in Taipei at 21:50PM but we arrived at 1:30AM… We reached our hotel (Palais De Chine) at 2:30AM… went to bed at 3AM…

DAY2 (11/18):

We just had an hour sleep, took shower early in the morning, then attended the rehearsal at 華山1914文化創意產業園區 (Huashan 1914 Creative Park) from 8AM-9:30AM. Then we had free time till 4PM, so we took train and walked around the city. I bought pineapple cakes at 犁記餅店 (Taipei Leechi) and 李製餅家 (Li zhi Bing Jia), where they are famous for their pineapple cakes. We had a lunch set at 徳也茶喫 (Deye Tea House). Their dishes are cooked with tea and tasted very mild and healthy. The rehearsal in the afternoon was about an hour, so we were free again. Actually, an hour rehearsal was not enough BUT to break the ice, I thought I shouldn't practice too much… We had dinner at 梅子餐廰 (Umeko Restaurant). Their 蟳仔米糕 (sticky rice with crab) was amazing!!!

DAY3 (11/19):

We arrived at the venue at 8AM to prepare the rice for sushi. My demo session started from 10AM-13PM, making sushi and talked about my channel and the mobile tools for each 8 groups of journalists. Thanks to Marty (from Google Taiwan), he was kind enough to support me. I am not good at talking in front of people, so I don't think I could do this without him. There were few interviews with journalists in the afternoon. It was a great opportunity to share my artist's statement =)

After the event, my darling and I were free again. So, we went to have dinner at 鼎泰豐 (Din Tai Fung). The restaurant was fast, clean, cheap, and delicious! I loved their 小籠包 (Xiaolongbao soup dumplings). We also had 酸辣湯 (hot and sour soup)!

DAY4 (11/20):

On the last day, we went to the photo studio called 1981台北 (1981 Taipei). In Taiwan, there are many photo studios where you can transform yourself into a beautiful person.

The photographer and the makeup artist were amazing. (I took photo with them!!!) We had to choose 18 pics out from 84 but I couldn't choose which photos to get! (The price changes depending on how many pics you want.)

These images here are without the retouch. I asked the studio to give me the original data because I cannot wait for a month! They gonna send me the retouched photos (which makes your skin smooth, your face smaller, etc…) and the album next month! I can't wait to see them XD

People in Taiwan were very kind and friendly. I think I want to visit Taiwan again! This time, we didn't have time to go to the night markets and Taiwanese shampoo, so maybe next time! hehe

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A Day with Google in Taiwan - behind the scenes

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