Monday, February 3, 2014

馳走 卒啄 (Chisou Sottaku)

Japan Restaurant Week 2014 has started from 1/24-2/11.

My darling booked 2 Michelin-starred restaurants for our Saturday dine-outs since it is a great opportunity to try out expensive restaurants at reasonable prices :)

This Saturday, we went to a restaurant called 馳走 卒啄 (Chisou Sottaku) in Ginza.

It is an authentic 懐石料理 (Kaiseki-ryori) restaurant which features organic traditional Japanese vegetables such as Kaga-yasai, Kyo-yasai, and Edo-yasai. They serve superb Kaiseki which reflects chef’s experience and keen sense.

What we had were just amazing :)
Very fine dishes that ensure maximum flavor of the ingredients.
If you can understand this fineness, I'm sure you are Japanese! hehe

Restaurant week set price: 7,350yen
Their menu changes daily depending on fresh seasonal ingredients.

先付け (Sakizuke): seasonal appetizer dishes

八寸 (Hassun): a tray of tidbits

椀 (Owan): soup

造り (Otsukuri): sashimi

合肴 (Aizakana): mini nabe dish and simmered dish

焼物 (Yakimono): broiled fish

飯 (Meshi): rice dish

デザート (Dessert)

Next week, Italian restaurant :)

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