Friday, September 19, 2014

Karuizawa (軽井沢)

DAY 1:

We took Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) from Tokyo station to 軽井沢 (Karuizawa). GranSta at Tokyo station is a perfect place to get Bento. My darling bought Sukiyaki Bento at 浅草今半 (Asakusa Imahan) and I bought a healthy organic Bento at ぎんざ泥武士 (Ginza Dorobushi)!

When we arrived at Karuizawa, there was a brief sprinkle and the heavy rain was expected… but glad it didn't hit the area we stayed! We strolled around Karuizawa Ginza then had a cozy coffee time at Mikado Coffee (btw their coffee ice cream is very popular). For dinner we booked レストラン酢重正之 (Restaurant Suju Masayuki). All of their dishes are simple yet delicious. For example their white rice and grilled fish were amazingly delicious. So, if you like typical Japanese food, you must dine out here ;)

DAY 2:

There are many nice and cozy cafes and restaurants in Karuizawa. We found a cafe called Natural Cafeína near our hotel to eat breakfast. Their Açaí bowl is served with Karuizawa's seasonal fruits! Yummy!!! Then we spent a whole day at the Outlet (Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza). It was such a fine autumn weather. Everyone was enjoying shopping and having fun in the yard~ we of course had a lunch outside :3 Actually, I didn't buy anything special but it was already 6pm when I realized! Time flies!!! For dinner, we had Tempura Soba at 川上庵 (Kawakami An). My mom recommended this restaurant. It was really good X)

DAY 3:

The weather on the last day was perfect, too! We had a breakfast at 沢村 (Sawamura) in Hoshino Area. Their morning plate is satisfying. After the breakfast you can enjoy shopping and walking around the area. I would definitely recommend going to 石の教会 (Stone Church)! It is an artistic church with a beautiful stone path. Obviously many people have a wedding here!!!

Another great place to visit is 軽井沢千住博美術館 (Hiroshi Senju Museum). You can enjoy the artwork and the space. Very relaxing and cozy. My darling and I were stuck at the fall room, sitting down and talking for a while. If you go there, you will know what I mean. haha

Our return train was at 16:24. I was going to shop souvenirs at the station but there was a huge traffic jam on the way back from the museum, so I ran out of time… Anyways, I bought at least one for a giveaway at the hotel when we checked out ;)

I would definitely go back to Karuizawa again with my child :)


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  1. Aww, this looks great! I'll try going there when I get to Tokyo next spring :)

    By the way, I wanted to thank you for all the recipes you share here, especially the vegetarian ones! Your fake unadon is now a regular meal at my house! ;D

  2. Hi. I love it. The place and the food look amazing! You have to tell me how you do to keep yourself skinny with all the food you eat and all the food you make. I had try some of your recipes my favorite Is the Swiss roll, taste amazing.
    Thanks for what you do. I enjoyed your videos.

  3. Hi Ochi San.I stayed here last brother in law's house is near prince hotel.

  4. >Rhiannon
    oh great you have a plan to come to tokyo :) karuizawa is bit far by train (and the transportation fee is expensive) so i hope you could find a tour in a great deal!!!

    thanks for trying out my recipes, too!!!

  5. >veronica diaz
    we walk a lot because we don't own a car. hehe
    maybe this is why we need to eat a lot!?

  6. >Davamerce
    wow!!! how nice your relative has a house there!!!
    no wonder many people want to buy a second home here, too! haha

  7. My favorite souvenir would be an Eiffel Tower statue from Paris.

  8. My favorite souvenir would be an Eiffel Tower statue from Paris.


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