Tuesday, September 6, 2016

DIY Simple Elegant SWAROVSKI Earrings - Video

Many of you know that I love earrings. Here are some simple earrings I made. They just require 2-3 minutes to make. I buy complicated ones to save time but don't want to pay for the simple ones! If you buy SWAROVSKI earrings at jewelry shops, you need to pay 3 times or more while you can save money if you make them by yourself ;)


I hope you can find Earring Findings and Supplies shops around your place :)
FYI: I bought mine at PARTS CLUB in Shinjyuku.

What you need to make a pair of earrings:
chain-nose pliers (to reach into tight places, at difficult angles)
2 SWAROVSKI Pendant Crystals
2 pinch bails (bail opening and prong length varies, you need to choose the right ones depending on the crystals)
2 earring hooks


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