Friday, September 2, 2016

Okonomiyaki for Toddlers (1~3 years) - Video Recipe

Perfect Okonomiyaki (savory pancake) idea for toddlers! Easy to eat with a fork :)

You can serve it with Okonomiyaki sauce for toddlers OR any sauce your kids' like just goes perfect!
オタフクソース 1歳からのお好みソース 150g

Okonomiyaki for Toddlers (1~3 years)

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20min
Number of servings: 4 mini Okonomiyaki

100g (3.5oz.) shredded cabbage
1 egg
2 tbsp. Dashi broth (Kombu or bonito)
a dash of soy sauce
4 tbsp. flour
2 tsp. chopped Sakuraebi (small dried shrimp)
sesame oil

1. Mix egg, Dashi broth, and soy sauce in a bowl. Add flour, chopped dried shrimp and shredded cabbage, and mix well.
2. Heat sesame oil in a small frying pan. Spread 1/4 of the batter in a circular shape, cover, and cook on low for about 1.5 minutes. Then flip it over, cover, and cook the other side for 1.5 minutes.
3. You can serve it as is or serve with a sauce your kids' like.

You can stock the pancakes in the freezer for a week.


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