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Zombie Omurice (Japanese Omelet Rice Using Pomodoro Sauce) Halloween Recipe | Japanese Cooking Video Recipe

How to Make Omurice (Japanese Omelet Rice) for Halloween 🎃

Perfect dish for Lunch, Dinner, and bento box, too!

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Omurice is a very popular home cooked meal in Japan. It is a tomato ketchup fried rice wrapped with a thin sheet of crepe-like fried egg. HOWEVER, many people dislike using a lot of ketchup, so I used Pomodoro sauce instead. YES! it works 😉

How to Make BASIC Omurice with Ketchup 👍

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Zombie Omurice (Japanese Omelet Rice Using Pomodoro Sauce) Halloween Recipe

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20min
Number of servings: 2

300g (10.5oz.) cooked Japanese rice (short-grain rice)
75g (2.5oz.) smoked chicken or ham cut into small pieces
6 tbsp. pomodoro sauce
4 eggs
cooking oil
tomato ketchup
salt and pepper
10 sausages for Zombie fingers
cooked broccoli *if you like

1. Heat pomodoro sauce in a frying pan, add rice and meat, mix well, then season with salt and pepper.
2. Peel the tip of the sausages to make nails, then cook. Beat 2 eggs (1 serving) in a bowl.
3. In another frying pan, heat cooking oil, spread the egg mixture and make a round sheet of egg. Before the egg is fully cooked, place the seasoned rice in the middle. Fold up both sides of the egg, then shape it using the edge of the pan. Carefully flip it over onto a plate. *You can use a paper towel to help shape it.
4. Make holes in Omurice and place the sausage fingers. Decorate with ketchup and garnish with cooked broccoli if you like.


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