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Quick Pão de Queijo (Cheese Bread Recipe) | Japanese Cooking Video Recipe

Pão de Queijo Fácil, Rápido, e Delicioso 😋

Only ingredients on hand. Kids can make it 💖

No rise, just mix, roll, and bake 👍

Quick Pão de Queijo (Cheese Bread Recipe)
Quick Pão de Queijo (Cheese Bread Recipe)

FYI: How to Make NO EGG Japanese-Style Pão de Queijo using Shiratamako (lumpy glutinous rice flour)


Quick Pão de Queijo (Cheese Bread Recipe)

Difficulty: VERY Easy
Time: 30min
Number of servings: 9 pieces

100g (US 2/3cup) Katakuriko (potato starch) or corn starch
100ml water
1 egg
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. cooking oil
80g (about 1 cup) grated parmesan cheese

1. In a microwavable bowl, put Katakuriko (starch) and water and mix well with a whisk.
2. Add egg, salt, and oil, then mix well with a whisk.
3. No need to cover, microwave at 600W (medium) for 1.5 minutes.
4. Immediately add grated parmesan cheese and mix well using a spatula.
5. Put some oil on your hands (to prevent dough from sticking) then roll into small balls.
6. Place them on a sheet of aluminum foil and bake in toaster oven for 15 minutes. OR bake in oven at 180C (350F) for 15 minutes.


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