Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This morning I forgot to wear my scarf.
It wasn't that cold, so I didn't go back to get it. I hope it won't get cold when I go home.

Writing about my cooking, croquette (a parcel of food such as minced meat or vegetables, shaped into a cylinder or circle, encased in breadcrumbs and deep fried) is one of my boyfriend's favorite dishes!
He loves potato croquette with minced meat.
I mix some boiled eggs to add richness.
This is how my mother cook.

Here, I have the recipe in Japanese.
As you can see in the procedure, I made 16 croquettes on that day and my boyfriend ate almost all of them!!!
I was afraid that he ate too much, but he was fine :)
I haven't made it for a long time , so he might wanna eat sometime soon.

But this weekend I promised him to cook nabe using Mizkan's limited-time dashi product that he has chosen. Last week when we went shopping he placed it in the shopping cart. Seems like mandatory!
I will write about this after we tried!

Okay, this is all for today.
See you again!

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