Monday, December 10, 2007

Princess Night

As I wrote last time, I went out with my boyfriend for my birthday on Friday and had a wonderful night!
He took me to a Japanese French restaurant in Shinagawa.
I took photos of all the dishes we had!
Oh my god, the lobster I had was delicious!!! (My boyfriend had a beef fillet .)
It was nice and quiet there and I enjoyed a conversation with my boyfriend.
Before we leave, we had a commemorative photo taken.
It was a very memorable dinner.

The restaurant was located in the InterContinental hotel.
Surprisingly, he had reserved a room for me!!!
The night view from the room was beautiful!
I enjoyed taking a relaxing long bath and felt like a princess for a while :)

The next day, we woke up early since I had an appointment with the orthodontist.
We had a breakfast at the hotel, which was also nice and comfortable.

After the appointment, it was Saturday as usual.

On Sunday (on my birthday), I created 5 new recipes.
It was Sunday as usual.
My boyfriend bought me a petit bouquet though :)

That Friday was like a dream!
I had a great time!

I will write about my cooking tomorrow.
Bye for now!

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