Friday, December 7, 2007

Do My Best But Take It Easy!

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Actually, I don't know how many people are reading though.

This morning was a burnable garbage day. I was collecting garbage at home and realized that my boyfriend hasn't thrown away trash in a garbage can.
There is a reason to this.
In Japan, as you might know, we take of our shoes before entering the house. So, some people (like us) lay a carpet on a floor and put a low dining table and sit on the carpet.
For that reason, you tend to put things (such as garbage) next to you...
I think we need a table and chairs someday.
Then you won't drop things from high place!

Anyway, my birthday is coming soon.
My resolution for the next year is to do my best, but take it easy!
I should remind myself that being perfect is impossible, but don't get lazy about doing something.

Tonight I am going out with my boyfriend!
I can't wait!!!
I will talk to you about it next week if I have a chance :)

Oops, I'm not writing about my cooking.
Instead, I will post an image of a big strawberry shortcake that I created last year.
The recipe is here.
Sorry, in Japanese...

See you next week!

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