Friday, February 29, 2008

California Roll for Hinamatsuri

Last night, my boyfriend attended the after-hours party with his work mates.
He often gets a bite to eat when he gets home, so I made "California Roll for Hinamatsuri" for him.

The recipe is simple.
It is a regular California roll but you give it a twist.

You make 3 different colored sushi rice (pink, white, and green) and draw diagonal strokes on a sheet of nori.
The white color is plain sushi rice.
For pink, you mix "Sakura Denbu", which is pink colored & seasoned shredded codfish.
For green, you mix "Aonori", which is a type of edible green seaweed in powdered form.
The order of colors must be pink, white, and then green.
These are the colors of Hishi Mochi (diamond shaped rice cake), commonly consists of three layers; pink, white, and green, from top to bottom. Hishi Mochi is usually presented with hina dolls, which I showed you yesterday. It is said that pink represents peach flowers, white represents snow, and green represents grass.
Those colors have a meaning to get the power of nature.

Don't you think this is a good idea?
My boyfriend enjoyed eating it :)
By the way, I didn't know the actual meaning of Hishi Mochi until I translate this into English.
It was a good lesson for me!

Okay. This is all for today.
I hope you have a nice weekend!!!

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