Monday, June 2, 2008

Rising Food Prices

Hello. It was rainy and cloudy weekend.
The weather forecast says that the tsuyu (rainy season) will start earlier than usual this year :(
I think we didn't have enough sunny days this spring...

In June, as the result of rising crude oil prices, gasoline and food prices are keep rising!
Gasoline prices are now about 170yen per litter (0.264 US gallon). Butter and cheese prices are up by 8%. Minced fish products prices (Kibun's products) will be up by 15% from July 14!
Hope flour prices won't increase again...

On the contrary, I found an interesting article.
Some food company says their premium products of high value (sold at higher prices) are in good form, because of the reduce of the price differential between regular ones (that increased prices but no more discounts).
Usually, consumers buy premium products when they want something of a luxury once in a while. However, now they are able to get those premiums by paying 100 more yen (1 more dollar) or so, which increased affordability for them.
This is true! I just bought premium bread because I thought in the same way!

Anyway, different story.
I have a lot of sausage products at home! Last week, I've received 8 packages of sausage products from Prima Ham. Then on Saturday, I received 2 gift boxes of sausage products from Nippon Ham. Speaking of Nippon Ham, they asked for the breakfast recipes using their sausage product called Winny (sounds like the P2P software but not that). I received 2 outstanding performance awards (not the highest). I don't know why, but my luck always leans to one side...

Tomorrow is rain.
I am very drowsy today.
Good night...

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