Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Accomplishments

The other day I wrote that I gained 4 pounds of muscle, and I believe I have gained more by now. But at the same time I am gaining weight :( I know that the muscle is heavier than fat but it fears me a lot, you know...

As usual, I will list my recent accomplishments. No wonder I couldn't post this yesterday because I've been really sleepy.

On 9/25, my "Ketchup Miso Stir-Fried Pork and Cabbage" and "Western Style Green Pepper, Carrot, and Egg Kinpira" appeared on Kagome's recipe card and website. Those are going to be used for their promotion.

On 9/26, it is not a contest but I won a diet set meal by submitting my diet recipe: Soy Beans and Tomatoes Tantan Rice. This project was organized by Doctor Kitchen at edita (community website: they give out free samples of many different products).

On 10/1, I won the Posting Award at a tomato recipe contest by Toyota. Toyota has cute pop cars called PASSO and this contest was to promote their cars. I don't know which one was elected though...

On 10/3, I won the Natto Prize at mizkan's bushi tsuyu contest. Bushi tsuyu is a dried bonito flakes based broth. It is very tasty :) I mixed this broth with mayonnaise and umeboshi (pickled plums) to dress vegetables.

On 10/5, I received the Diploma of Merit for sushi project that I wrote before. This was cool! Because mostly I receive my awards in printed out papers or by e-mail!

On 10/6, my blueberry Chinese stir-fried recipe won the Dried Wild Blueberry Award. The contest was organized by Wild Blueberry Association of North America (English site is here) at Cookpad as usual.

Then on 10/6, I won the Outstanding Performance Award at Asahi Food & Healthcare. They manufacture health care products, yeast extract, organic foods, and freeze-dried foods, such as chunky ingredients. Aim to be a creator of wholesome living styles. They asked us for healthy diet recipes so I made "Healthy Microwave Cooked Okonomiyaki".

Unfortunately, all of those are not the highest... you know X(

Yesterday it rained hard until afternoon as predicted! Hopefully we have no rain today, which is good because I'm gonna take a day off to see my high-school friend (she is a nurse). I'm seeing her almost after 2 years because she was busy and our holidays were different! Anyway, on Sunday I ate rice crackers and my braces broke off again. Gee! But luckily, I could book to see my orthodontist this morning!

Okay, I gotta go.
Bye for now!

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