Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bean Recipe Contest

Last week I took total of 3 days off, so it was kind of busy yesterday at work...

Funny, but I didn't feel like going to the gym so I skipped. In this way, I might work out hard the next time, though!

On 12/12, I attended the bean cook-off, which I have been trying for 3 years! 10 people were selected from among 2000 applicants!!! I should be glad to go to the finals... but I received an honorable mention, which made me feel bit frustrated because it means "not chosen" :(

By the way, my recipe is 5-A in the left image: "Deep-Fried Tofu Stuffed Triple Beans Minced Cutlet".

After all, there's a bunch of task! I thought I should have submitted the other recipes, etc... You know what I mean!?

Anyway, this contest was on a high level! There were many to learn from the participants, who seem to attend this kind of cook-off regularly!

Oh boy. It is freezing today. I saw a thick frost this morning! The temp dropped down to the high 49F (10C)!

Stay warm everybody!!!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    You were the top ten of 2 thousand, amazing! At least you were able to participate in the contest. Your dish looks so good, wish I could sample it! :)

    P.S. We were at 60 degrees today, going down to 30 tomorrow! What a tease the weather has been.

  2. Konnichiwa Ochi San!
    For me,your are the BEST!
    even though,you are not in the top.

    Maybe it's not your time now,maybe next time.

  3. Konnichiwa jo,

    Sometimes I get damn disappointed...
    But thanks for your words!!!

    Oh! We have the same climate!
    The temp is going up and down here, too!
    Dress in several layers! Better hot than cold ;)

  4. Arigato merce-san,

    Yes. I try to think it was not my time...
    Hope something happy come soon!!!

  5. I believe you can do it next time Ochi san.

    Anyway,in my post last week,about the birthday and party.
    That girl is not my daughter,and i don't have kids.it's my family friends daugther.
    and regarding of my husband,number seven in the photos,first person from the right.

    Thank you for the comments,and questions.

  6. Hello merce,

    Thanks for the answers ;)
    I just checked your husband, but I couldn't see his face! Ha-ha.
    I saw his blog again. He is such a sunny person. Makes people happy, right?!

  7. Kombanwa.
    Hehehe..i'm sorry,his back only.

    and your right,my husband always like that.

    thanks for the comment in my post,yes...we called "Gaisano Mall" in davao.

  8. Hi merce,

    I wish we could have a mall like your's here close to our home!
    There are many in the other place but too far indeed...

    Say hello to your hubby ;)


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